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A woman's 6-day
Lean & Green Cleanse

Self-guided Email course

 A Cleanse Is your Opportunity to Give Your Body A Break and Allow Your own self-cleansing and self Repairing Process.


Why Cleanse?

Removes Toxins & Reduces Inflammation Establish Habits of Change

There is no Time Consuming Research, Complex Workouts or Recipes.  I will show you Real-Life Practical Tips to Add into your day quickly & easily to start making progress towards your goals.  

When you have registered and 

paid  for the program

You will receive:

Email with instructions

*Cleanse guide with Instructions for success

* Informative worksheets to start you on your weight-loss journey

* Grocery Shopping List

* Recipes for 6 days

one to one individual coaching

the green & lean
lifestyle plan

“Compassion is simply giving ourselves the same care as we would give others.” ~ Christopher Greamer 

Establish Habits of change

  Are “YOU” Ready To Discover The Simple Habits That Will Transform Your Body Image, Make better Food Choices and Help You Establish The Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle You Desire?  

become an Agent of Change

 Easy to follow; sustainable advice and practical tips to empower you to reclaim a slimmer body, and gain more energy without dieting.

When you have enrolled & Paid for this one-to-one coaching Program

  You will receive:

* A list of topics and Instructions to be discussed will be emailed to you

* Worksheets to Motivate, guide, support you to continue your journey

* healthy Recipes

* An accountability partner/supportive Coach to guide you through your transformation process


Results Speak for Themselves

I can help “YOU” become Successful with your Weight-loss Goals

While I was recovering from Cancer; Karen helped me change my diet and eating habits. She even went to the grocery shopping with me so I would select the proper foods. Karen is a wonderful Health Coach. She is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, diligent and devoted to helping people improve their health issues and lifestyle. I was able to slim down and gain back the energy that was missing from my life. She will help you construct a great health plan for your life.
"Before I started this program; I was desperately searching for a new plan, one that I could stick with and one that actually worked. I felt bloated and everything was tight on me. Yo-Yo dieting has been a track record throughout my adult life. After going through the Summer Cleanse Program; I feel great now! As a result of this program; I lost "5" pounds!! I am on my way to reducing my waistline. Having Karen available during our evening Coaching Sessions was invaluable. She is a wealth of knowledge! Looking forward to the next phase."
"Before I met Karen, I was feeling terrible; extreme stomach and intestinal pain and lack of energy. I was bloated for years. My doctors could not get my intestines unclogged with medicine. The medicine made me very sick and nauseous. I was looking for a natural alternative method. Karen shared her experience with eating more naturally. She gave me recipes with healthier foods. I found these foods worked well with helping my body repair itself. In fact; it worked better than medicine! The foods cleansed my digestive tract and cleared my intestines. I feel like a new person! My energy has returned too! I realized when I have a tendency to go back and eat processed foods; I feel horrible. Karen taught me the importance of healthier eating habits. When I include raw foods into my diet; I feel better. I am grateful to Karen for introducing me to this new way of life!

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