Why Cleanse?

As we go on through life; we are exposed to a variety of toxins.  Sometimes it is difficult to change our environment to avoid these toxins, pollutants, and synthetic chemicals.  The everyday stresses of a fast-paced world leave little time to make the right choice.  When we stop and think of how food is affecting our bodies; we become more aware. Our choices are often different. Those foods include man-made packaged foods that contain nothing but artificial flavors, colors, and sugars, loaded with salt and preservatives, many have very little nutritional value if any at all.  When you continue to eat this way; oftentimes, inflammation may set in as well as a variety of other health issues.  A cleanse is the foundation and solution for any lifestyle change.


We are exposed to many environmental contaminants that affect the health of our bodies that we have no control over.


When we invest in our health and consume as close to nature as possible; our bodies thrive. We receive the nutrients our bodies crave. As a result, we live a satisfying life. It is necessary to change our eating habits to repair our health.  Plant-based foods: Vegetables, Fruits, Seeds, Nuts, healthy fats, and grains promote good health and nutritional value to live a balanced life.

The USDA recommends Americans consume 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.


According to CDC, Only 1 in 10 Adults get enough fruits and vegetables a day.  How many fruits and vegetables are you eating in your daily meals?

When we clean up our diets and change the way we eat; the benefits are amazing:  weight loss, more energy; etc.



USDA Guidelines

CDC Guidelines