Hit the Reset Button

You hold your health in your hands.  Isn’t it about time to hit the reset button and start taking better care of yourself?  We all lead busy lives.  We make decisions every day that either help or hurt our health.

Our decisions are not always the healthiest choices.  A quick bite at your local fast food restaurant does not always satisfy your hunger.  Why,  you ask? Well, fast food lacks nutrients your body craves to feel full. Instead; you are filling your body with CRAP:  full of fat, empty calories and little or no nutrients.



C- Carbonated Drinks (Soda)

 R  Refined Sugar 

  A  –  Artificially Colored, Flavored and Artificial Sugar

  P  -Processed Food


I challenge you to make healthier home-cooked balanced meals.  When you intentionally change your habits; the results are different. 



“FOOD” better known as:  The fuel of life.

                                                                                                 F -Fruit and Vegetables

                                                                                                O -Organic Proteins

                                                                                                O -Omega threes, fatty acids

                                                                                                D -Drink lots of water and pressed juices


In the upcoming weeks, months we will be discussing CRAP and how it wreaks havoc on your body and FOOD and how it sustains your body.  Stay tuned for some upcoming discussions.