If it has to do with Learning how to eat a cleaner diet; establishing healthier habits for slimming down, and have more energy

I can help!


Let's start here; Check all that apply:

I am here because I:

...Wonder if anyone else is struggling with staying motivated with reducing my waistline?  I want to show my doctor that "I can and I will" find a method to slenderize so I can reduce long-term health risks and improve my quality of life.

Thought if I changed my current eating habits to a Plant-based Lifestyle; I would be able to improve my health, slim down and have enough energy to keep up with my children.

Need a support system to be accountable to; so that I can achieve my goals.

Know other friends who have changed their eating habits.  They have achieved positive results. They have inspired me to test this Plant-based way of eating.  

GOOD NEWS my friend! There is no wrong answer. If any
or all of the above apply; "YOu" are in the right spot!

Let’s get to know each other better.

My health journey began when I realized that something drastically needed to change as my body was out of balance.  The foods I once enjoyed (Dairy, Meat, Grains, Seeds and Nuts) from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D. Diet) were wreaking havoc on my body.  As a result; I suffered with Acid Reflux and High Cholesterol.  I began searching for alternative health regiments to live an Optimal Healthy Life and resolve my health issues. I did not want to depend on medicine. Finally after researching and learning how “Food is Medicine.” I was Destined to Change my current Lifestyle Habits.  I enrolled in the Hallelujah Diet Health Minister Coaching Program. I thought what better way to learn it; teach it and become a Student of Habit.  Throughout my journey; I was able to apply the Hallelujah Diet/Lifestyle to my own set of health circumstances.

I changed my eating habits to a Plant-based Alternative Diet which became my Lifestyle.  As a result of the Hallelujah Diet; I lost weight, increased my energy,  lowered my cholesterol and cleared up my Acid Reflux. I can now eat a variety of seeds, nuts  and grains.

I coach and guide women to achieve the transformation I experienced and the health benefits associated with living your best “YOU.”


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